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So last weekend was totally awesome!

Mom and Mike came for my cousin's wedding thing and they brought me my best friend! :D Tiegan came with them and surprised me for the weekend. Best easter gift EVER! So he got to see the insanity that is Mom's side of the family. It was hilarious watching him try to remember who was who and how they were all related.

I got to meet Mike's girlfriend too! She's so adorable :3 Really sweet girl and very down to earth and sincere, which makes me like her even more~ And she's tiny, which make her and my brother a funny couple, him being so tall and what not, lol

The reception thing was really fun. There wasn't a dinner or anything, but lots of drinks and dancing, so yay~ And according to some of my cousins, I looked "gorgeous" so that was nice to hear :P I'll throw up some pictures sometime later tonight or tomorrow.

I've become totally obsessed with BEJEWELED BLITZ on Facebook! I've been playing it almost non-stop since Monday :P

I started playing POKEMON PEARL again the other night too. It was in an attempt to distract me from my hangover from Saturday night. Didn't work as well as I was hoping, but it rekindled my love for the game :D

I'm having way too much fun playing around with random POKEMON and TRANSFORMERS images in Photoshop right now, so I'm ending my entry here for now so I can play with the pretty colours~
Tags: event: wedding reception, friends: tiegan, video games: bejeweled blitz, video games: pokemon pearl
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