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『M • E • L • A • N • I • E』

(I'm not very good at these kinds of things, but I'll give it a shot~)

age twenty
birthday august 21
sex yes pleasefemale
hair brown
eyes brown
height 5'5
weight 148lbs (and shrinking!)
zodiac leo dragon

All in all, I'm pretty much just your average girl who just so happens to be obsessed with anime, manga, video games and music (to name a few)

I grew up in Armstrong; a small town in BC's Okanagan Valley. I lived there since I was four years old, graduated from the high school in 2006 and worked at the McDonalds from May 2005 to December 2007. At the beginning of Febuary 2008 I moved back to the city I was born in (Abbotsford, BC) and I current live there with my grandmother, and work at the Shopper's Drug Mart in the mall. I'll be starting school at UCFV in September, where I'll be doing my chef training.

Obviously, I've got a Mom and a Dad (who are sepereated; Mom in Armstrong, Dad in Chilliwack) and I also have a little brother named Michael (aka: Mike) lives with my Mom and is graduating this June (from same high school as I did, since Armstrong only has one of those) Also in the family are Cleo (the four year old Shih Tzu), Cuff and Link (my two snapping turtles), Barbosa (Dad's tarantualla) and Marley, Spock, Olivia and Harriet (Dad's finches) Our oldest dog, Ceaser, passed away in December of 2007, but she is still loved by us all and missed terribly.

As a person I'm very friendly, cheerful and laid back. I'm an optimist through and through, so you'll rarely see me complain or rant (though I do occasionally, but it's mostly about fandom related events, so it doesn't really count, does it?)

I'm not the most interesting person you'll every meet, but if you want to friend me, feel free. I'm really easy to get along with so long as you aren't pure evil in human guise, we'll get along just fine! A few quick things first though;

we should at least have a few things in common (fandoms, music, whatever)
i ramble...a lot
i don't always comment on every entry on my flist, but that doesn't mean i don't read them (i do, honestly)
just so you know, i don't do friend-cuts. if you're going to friend-cut me, that's fine, but at least do so for a better reason than 'you don't comment on my journal enough' (see point #3)
if i insult your favourite character or band or something, please don't leave me comments saying that i'm stupid or don't know what i'm talking about or whatever; its my journal and, therefore, my opinion
→ → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → →
music arctic monkeys, breaking benjamin, the cardigans, cascada, daughtry, fall out boy, feist, a fine frenzy, goo goo dolls, imogen heap, jimmy eat world, the killers, the last shadow puppets, mae, maria mena, maroon 5, matchbox twenty, michael buble, panic! at the disco, shiny toy guns, snow patrol, under the influence of giants, vertical horizon, vienna teng, within temptation, various musical soundtracks (rent, wicked, moulin rouge, phantom of the opera, etc.), a bunch of other random stuff

animanga air gear, bleach, code geass, d.gray-man, d.n.angel, darker than black, eureka seven, fate/stay night, fruits basket, kobato, naruto, romeo x juliet, tengen toppa gurren lagann, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, vampire knight, x/1999, xxxholic, zero no tsukaima

video games final fantasy (iii, x, x-2 & xii), kingdom hearts, legend of zelda (oot, ww & tp), phoenix wright/apollo justice, tales of symphonia, tales of the abyss

tv avatar the last airbender, csi (las vegas), firefly, friends, house, the oc, one tree hill, scrubs, sex and the city, survivor

hobbies iconing, reading, cooking, shopping, drawing, playing with me camera (nikon coolpix l10 ♥), spending hours on my computer without ever really accomplishing anything

likes colours, making friends, walking in the rain, autumn, adobe photoshop 7, musicals, girly stuff (clothes, shoes, makeup, etc.), doujinshi (especially the ones with cute artwork), plushies, being outside

dislikes blood, needles, peas, rude/ignorant/cocky people (read: assholes), old people that are still alowed to drive even though its obvious that they shouldn't be
→ → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → → →
e-mail anime_girl193@hotmail.com (painfully obvious, no?)
aim dorksparkle
last.fm neku-chan
facebook melanie <<- if you add me, just put the in message that you're from lj, so i don't think your some kind or stalker or something
plurk headphones

limevision icon journal
♥♥♥ resources
★★★ awards

[shounen JUMP blog crew] ✘☆ BLEACH
{ Avatar Blogcrew ‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‬| Zhao ‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‬}
♨ Avatar: tLA 彡 IROH
† D.Gray-Man ∞ KOMUI LEE
§ Naruto → INUZUKA KIBA §
『 xxxHoLiC × TANPOPO
‡ Final Fantasy → ASHE (XII)
∴ Kingdom Hearts → JACK SPARROW
[ ★☆VIDEO GAMES CHARACTER BLOG CREW → franziska von karma☆★ ]
† Fate/Stay Night ›› TAIGA (TIGER) FUJIMURA
→ Fate Stay/Night Pairings ღ RIN/ARCHER
›› Final Fantasy (XII) → ASHE
›› Final Fantasy (XII); Pairings ‹‹ ASHE/RASLER
☆...【TENTOMON】 » Digimon★Adventure
☆...【TAO JUN】 » Shaman★King
☆...【KITTAN】 » Tengen Toppa ★ Gurren Lagann
[ don't believe in yourself; believe in me, who believes in you ] » fandom quote blogring
[KAMINA] is my Knight in Shining Armor
I had my first kiss with『KUROGANE』
I party listening to MATCHBOX TWENTY
[ Holland Novak ] is my hot, hot smex
Rabifrom ◈D.GRAY-MAN◈ and I are partners in crime
P O K E B A L L GO [ Scyther ]
I want more of【KUROGANE FAI】
[- Kaname Kuran IS MY SEX SLAVE~]
I had a bad day and 《Kimihiro Watanuki》 cheered me up by 《baking me a giant chocolate cake》
I wanna take [ Watanuki ] & [ Doumeki ] to the gay bar!
||gino weinberg|| makes me go rabu rabu!”
[KAMINA] and I stayed up late watching [TRANSFORMERS]
‎⌠KUROGANE rocks my world
KIMIHIRO WATANUKI is my s n u g l y teddy bear ♥彡
The album blogcrew «Warm Strangers (Vienna Teng)»
The album blogcrew «RENT: Original Broadway Cast»

iam_the mei-ling li of livejournal
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