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15 March 2009 @ 10:14 am
✎ my character design

Spent last night hanging out at Dad's. Caught up on SURVIVOR (yay for PVR), made some green onion cheddar puffs for Dad, had dinner. Just chilled out in general :D

Had some running around to do today. Had lunch with Dad, picked up some conditioner and other various things I needed (and some things I didn't really need, but got anyway) then came home, worked out a little, watched some TV and read for a while.

I'm going to start studying for my final tonight, and I plan on spending most of tomorrow doing so. I don't see it being a hard test. There's less to memorize since this semester had a lot less theory than last.

My teacher was out sick yesterday with an inner ear infection, so we had to deal with the bitchy assistant instructor DX She is so condescending and annoying. She seriously treats us like 2 year olds. Example: I was making the pizza this week and she came up and was telling me how to make ham and pineapple like it was incredibly complicated and I'd never even seen pizza before! And I layed on the sarcasm pretty good through the whole thing, which probably didn't help the situation much, but made me feel better about it XD

Her: 'So, it's ham and pineapple today so you're going to want to do *insert lesson on ham and pineapple pizza*'
Me: '... what's a pineapple?' 0_0

It's getting a little cold in here... Well, I am sitting here in my work out clothes, which aren't exactly heavy, so that might be a factor...

Debating what I want for dinner tonight... I'm not terribly hungry, but I could go for something... maybe I'll just have some cereal or toast...
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12 March 2009 @ 05:06 pm
WII FIT says I'm 'normal' now~~~

When I stared out, I was overweight, but I've made it down to 'normal' now! And I've got less than 10lbs to go before I reach my goal for first round :D After that, it's just 15lbs until I get to my ultimate goal~ Thinking this makes me amazing happy!!

Gotta work tonight... Not really feeling up to it cause I've been getting sick again last couple days, but I need the money and it's only a short shift... And I don't work all weekend so I can rest up then...

I find it kind of weird how much I've been getting sick lately. A few years ago, I was almost never sick, but now it's like I get over one and another is just waiting in line to infect me... *shrug* guess I need to eat for oranges or something...

So, who loves my new Rorschach icon? I know, it's bad ass! LOL, yay for making the requests at sparklesence XD Seriously though, he's so freaking cool!

Time to go to work I guess... Just think Mel, tomorrow is Friday and you have to do absolutly nothing all weekend (ewxcept study for your final, but that's not exactly tiring, just boring)~
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So, WATCHMEN last night... FUCKING AMAZING! Everything about it was awesome. The story line was great, the characters were great, the effects were great... It was dark and serious and complex, but still fun and entertaining~ And I LOVE RORSCHACH!! HE WAS SO BAD ASS! Everyone should watch this movie! EVERYONE!!!

I picked Sarah T up around 7:30PM and we drove out to Mission, looked around some stores and went for dinner. We got to the theater about an hour before the movie started so we would have a decent place in line. Sarah K met up with us after she got off work, John and his girlfriend were there and Sarah T's other friends managed to find us in the line up so we had a good little group going on. Lots of people were dressed up as the characters, which was awesome. Even one of our group came in costume (HE WAS RORSCHACH!!) All the other people around us in the line up were really cool too. Everyone was having fun and talking to everyone and being really cool. So the whole night was really fun~

Slept nice and late today, got up around noon (movie last night didn't let up until 1:30AM and I didn't get home until around 2)~

I'm going to go do some WII FIT for a little while, then I've got to go pick up some things (groceries and what not) I should do some more studying tonight too (test on Monday and my final's coming up on Friday)

Gonna have to force myself to sleep tonight so I can be up at 7:00AM for work tomorrow... Totally worth it thought... WATCHMEN ROCKS!
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07 March 2009 @ 11:46 am

More later, I just woke up and need to shower...
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06 March 2009 @ 01:45 pm
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Well, I've made a pretty decent amount of progress on that colouring project I got myself into. I finished Sakura's hair (which took twice as long as Syaoran's DX) and I started on the other parts of it. I'll probably have it done by the end of the week at this rate and i'll be glad to be done with it, i have no clue what i was thinking when i started this...

Got a new layout again... I got kinda bored with the other one. Just a simple one again, and I changed my journal title. Yeah for Snow Patrol lyrics~

Mike heads back home on Friday, and Dad has to work a little late tomorrow night, so Mike and I are going to grab some dinner and go see a movie or something. Not sure exactly, we'll probably just leave the house and end up where we end up *shrug*

Time to pop some more vitamin C tablets... This stupid cold thing just won't go away, but I haven't fully caught it yet... It's like I'm TRAPPED IN COLD LIMBO WITH NO HOPE OF ESCAPE!!! DX
Current Music: Hey Monday♫Six Months

So I got bored about earlier and thought 'I'll do some Photoshop, just to kill some time' and I remembered this page from chapter 214 of TSUBASA and that I kinda wanted to colour it... So I am... And I'm already dreading doing the whole thing. SYAORAN'S HAIR TOOK FUCKING FOREVER DX!! I can only imagine how hard Sakura's hair is going to be *dread* But now I'm really determined to actually finish it... I'm such an idiot DX

I've still got some WII FIT to do today too... I need to pry myself away from this project for a bit and finish that off...

Had a test today. Only got 80%, but the test was only out of 20, so by getting 4 wrong, my percentage got fuckered. Still, it's a decent mark and the question I lost marks on was kind of unfair according to my teacher *shrug*

Ate a crazy amount of taco's at Dad's on Friday night. I had 2 portabella fajitas and 2 beef ones, all of which loaded with guacamole and sour cream. I did an extra hour of WII FIT on Saturday to make up for it, but I still gained a couple of pounds. TOTALLY WORTH IT THOUGH! YUMMY TACOS ARE YUMMY!!

OK, time to pull myself away from Photoshop; Sakura's hair can wait until tomorrow...
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26 February 2009 @ 07:16 am
D A Y!!!

Well, not officially, but the freeway is shit so I'm staying home~ XD I'm totally having a YU YU HAKUSHO marathon today!
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YU YU HAKUSHO SEASON 4 CAME IN~ Too bad season 3 hasn't arrived yet... XD

I'm a bad friend; it's Tiegan's birthday tomorrow, and I forgot to mail his present DX I guess I'll just have to give it to him in person when I get a chance to visit home again... I'll make him a CD too, just for good measure...

I did really well on my test today, which shocked the hell out of me because I thought for sure I'd bomb this one. I got something like 91%, so yay!

I'm so happy that tomorrow's Friday. I have to work that night and I work Saturday and Sunday, but I get to sleep in on Saturday since I don't start until 11:30AM~ Though I'm going to miss being on baking...

I'm going to play on Photoshop for a while before I do my daily WII FIT routine :D
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